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Brothers Woodworks

Brothers utilizes only the best material, hardware, and construction techniques to provide you with a high-end product that will last a lifetime. Our material and hardware providers were carefully sourced to provide durable closet systems with seamless functionality.
  1. The construction process for the hanging closets goes a little bit like this: We start with sheets of 4×8’ Melamine, our senior millworker squares the sheets on the Panel Saw then cuts the appropriate depth of gables and shelves, these are passed over to the edge banding machine where they get edge taped with the proper tape. The tape is typically 1mm thick however we do offer thicker edging.

  2. After the edging is completed the locking cams are drilled into the gables and the notches are cut for the hanging rail to lock into, then the piece is put through the line boring machine if it needs to be drilled for adjustable shelving pins, this however isn’t done in areas without shelving, a nice feature as some closet companies have all their pieces line drilled regardless and you end up with a bunch of unsightly holes everywhere.

  3. At the same time any hanging areas are drilled for the appropriate holders as well. After all the drilling the cams, hanger ends and pins are inserted, then everything is packaged up and made ready for delivery.
  4. If the closet contains a drawer unit the proper drawer hardware is inserted when the other hardware is. The drawer bodies themselves are typically made out of ½” Baltic Birch, and the top edge is taped with a Hardrock Maple PVC edge tape as it’s a near exact match in color to the Baltic. The drawers are a dowel constructions, and the bottoms are a ¼” hardboard in matching color/veneer to the rest of the drawer body.

  5. When countertops are required, we can and do match any man made stone materials, or if it’s a natural stone we will match the material as close as humanly possible.

  6. From the finalization of design and upon the %50 deposit we will install the closet within 2 weeks.


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